Julian Tosh has been involved with computers since 1982 when his Parents and Uncle invested in his first computer for Christmas. It was a bare Texas Instruments 99/4a with only a cassette recorder to store programs and data. It was easy for his parents to see his passion for the technology and soon helped him upgrade with the 99’s expansion bus, 32k of memory, speech processor and 300 baud modem. This and an Apple ][ got him through high school.

Eventually, in 1992, Julian began a career in IT managing a small single server, 5 node Novel and WFW office network hacked together with coax. Several years were spent working with networking and systems administration. This is the time when He first learned of Unix and TCP/IP and routing and was first able to produce code for programming projects that the company would base some of it’s profits.

In 1995, Julian joined a team of managed outsourced IT consultants, Copley and Associates. It was here that he phased through certifications, obtaining his MSCE and CCNA and gaining much more exposure to Corporate America. After a short lived network engineering gig at Ameriquest Mortgage Company, Julian was recruited by the Walt Disney Internet Group in early 2000 to help manage their online properties like ABCNews.com and Disney.com. Julian spent the next 7 years working at “The Happiest Place On Earth.”

As WDIG went through the dot com bomb, Julian survived 3 major layoffs because of his ability to cover multiple domains in his developing skillset. His last few years at WDIG were spent multi-homed between IT, Systems Integration, and Network Operations departments and participating in phased rollouts of the Enterprise company’s ITIL strategy.

In 2006, Julian relocated his family to Las Vegas to pursue an interest in Information Security. In 2007 he was hired by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and granted a Top Secret Clearance to secure Department of Energy classified networks. Again, his diverse knowledge of IT domains helped him quickly adapt to the new challenge. For the next 3 years, Julian created several home-grown analysis tools to help identify intrusion, malicious software, and data exfiltration. He also authored an internal white paper on the use of open source tools to facilitate PGP between external federal entities, preserve non-repudiation, and maintain the organization’s FOIA requirements.

While working for the NNSA was an extremely insightful experience, Julian became frustrated with the pace of evolution and governmental bureaucracy and began to seek private sector work again.

Between 2010 and 2014, Julian worked for MySpace.com, Clearwire/Ericsson, and ANI Networks. Since 2014, Julian has been the owner of Tuxavant Industries specializing in Linux administration and security.

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